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Industries Served

Feeder belts, machine tapes, drive belts, timing belts, plastic modular belts and chains, conveyor belts.

Our range extends from traditional lightweight fabric belts to plastic modular belts and chains, and timing belts.

Conveyor belts, machine tapes, drive belts, timing belts, and rubber-covered pick-off belts for functions such as letter feeding and processing.

Belts and chains play important roles in bottling and canning applications, with different conveying solutions required for filling, packaging and the various manufacturing stages.

Power transmission, conveyor, processing and timing belts.

Fabric belts with excellent cut resistance properties to withstand sharp metal edges, as well as oil resistance.

Rubber and PVC belts, cleats, flights, corrugated sidewalls, on-site vulcanising, heavy duty fasteners.

Heavy duty rubber, PVC belting and Polycord belting.

Fabric and plastic modular belting to suit all sectors of the food industry.

Specialists in conveyor, elevator and power transmission belting.